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  • Updated: March 25, 2014
  • 888Sport Mobile Sports Betting. Bet Anytime, Anywhere.


    One of the greatest inventions in the world of online gambling and gaming is definitely the state-of-the-art mobile platform. This enables bettors and online casino players the chance to access their favorite websites from just about any location in the world at any time of the day. All that’s needed to take advantage of this convenient system is of course a mobile phone or tablet device as well as a dependable phone signal. A mobile platform means you don’t have to have an internet signal and hang around the house or office to make wagers and play games.

    The 888Sport mobile system uses the most modern technology available and it’s compatible with iPhones, iPads, Nokia, Blackberry, Windows Phones and Android devices. It’s a quick and easy procedure to equip yourself for mobile betting at 888Sport as all you need to do is visit the App Store and then search for 888sport. Once it shows up you just have to download it into your unit. You can also scan the QR code or enter your phone number to receive an SMS text with a link.

    The URL’s for the different brands are:

    • for iPhones
    • for Android devices

    When you make your first wager at 888Sport from your mobile device you’ll be eligible for the $5 no-lose bet promotion. This means you’ll get a refund on your first wager up to $5 no matter if you win or lose the stake. If you need any assistance regarding the mobile platform don’t hesitate to check the online Help area or contact the customer service office.

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    888Sport Mobile Allows you to Bet Anytime, Anywhere
    888Sport Mobile Sports Betting allows you to bet anytime, anywhere. All major mobile platforms supported including the iPhone, Blackberry and Android.